The first Intimate Lives? conference, funded by the British Sociological Association, was held at Birmingham University on 18th May 2018, to bring together autistic and non-autistic people interested in autism, sexuality, gender, and identity.  We particularly wanted to move away from an ‘academic’ style conference to create a space where students, lay-people, researchers, and professionals, autistic or not, could share their research, thoughts, and experiences in a welcoming environment.

The conference itself was a great success, and given the positive feedback on the day-long conference, confirming that the intersection of autism, sexuality, gender, and identity is of importance to many people, we have decided to:

  • Establish the conference as a yearly event
  • Create a network for those interested in the themes of the conference to stay in touch and share information throughout the year

This network is called the Intimate Lives Autism Network – ILAN.  Here you can find information about the network and our activities.

See also the Intimate Lives 2018 conference and the upcoming 2019 conference.

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